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Business Scenarios

Fusion has been used successfully in several industries. Some key scenarios of the application of Fusion in various industry verticals are described in this section. Both IT and business can achieve immediate return on investment by deploying Fusion.


Reuse existing applications
Conventional integration projects often require re-engineering of legacy applications because the underlying technology is difficult to integrate with. Fusion's UI based integration can communicate with a wide range of technologies and requires zero code change to underlying applications.

Reduce I.T. spending
Large server side infrastructure is not required because the Fusion runtime engine executes inside each user's Web browser. Fusion based solutions therefore have unlimited scalability at the integration layer.

Faster time to market
Fusion projects generally complete faster because the Fusion Studio tool can be used to rapidly configure the integration aspects and workflows.


Improve operational efficiency by automating tasks.
This also immediately eliminates any re-keying of data between applications. As a result users can complete business transactions 50% to 80% faster.
Cost savings
Businesses can save costs as a result of improved efficiency. Throughput KPIs can be achieved with less staff. Business users can be re-deployed to more value generating activities.
Make better business decisions
Fusion can aggregate content from a wide range of application technologies such as Web, Windows, unix, mainframe, Java, Citrix etc. Fusion can easily assemble single view of customer or single view of transaction screens that can guide business users to make better informed decisions and improve service to their customers.

Industry Applications of Fusion

Fusion enables call centers to improve efficiency and call handling time by integrating heterogeneous applications.
Banking and Finance
Banks achieve 80% improvement in task completion time using Fusion to automate workflows between legacy applications.
Telco providers eliminate re-keying errors and significantly improve handling of service calls using Fusion .
Fusion enables businesses in the logistics domain to quickly integrate with suppliers and vendors via externally accessible applications, without requiring B2B protocols and dedicated channels.