B2B Integration

The problem

  • A major telecommunications company is required to connect with external agencies in order to complete business transactions such as bulk purchase of phone and trunk lines. Currently, there is no B2B protocol or platform available for performing transactions. As a result, business users have to manually log on to each external party's application and perform actions on these applications. This requires users to have additional training on these external applications.
  • In order to increase value and market share, the telco organization needs to increase the number of transactions with external line suppliers . This places additional strain on the business users as they have to increase the speed with which they fill up forms in these external applications.

The Fusion solution

  • Fusion portal and workflow is customized to provide a single Web form for the user to enter data (or scan barcode). At the press of a button, relevant fields are automatically sent to various applications that participate in the use case.
  • Exceptions during the workflows are configured separately and handled via alternate workflows. This ensures reliability and integrity of the business transactions.

The result

  • The telco company increased its throughput by over 50%.
  • Staff do not require elaborate training to use external agencies' applications. This saves time and additional costs involved for training users.
  • Integrating with a new agency or partner can be completed in a matter of days and weeks rather than months.