Call Center

Call Center Automation and Workflow

Fusion makes call centers more efficient by rapidly integrating applications for CSRs resulting in significant improvement in Average Handling Time (AHT) and user experience.

The problem

  • Call centers for large enterprises require CSRs to work with several applications on the desktop.
  • These legacy applications contain various pieces of information about clients, which have to be stitched together by the CSR in order to perform their task.
  • Proliferation of such applications causes inefficiency for the CSR, resulting in higher AHT, more typing errors.
  • These issues cause significant degradation of service quality resulting in customer dissatisfaction.

The Fusion solution

  • Integrate and workflow-enable applications on CSR's desktop.
  • Automate common workflows
  • Provide single dashboard view of customer and business transactions
  • Single sign-on CSR into frequently used applications. Auto-logon to other applications when required.
  • Allow CSR to control legacy application for custom tasks.

The result

  • Reduction in AHT for calls because repeated actions are automated and CSR do not need to work through the workflow "by hand".
  • New solution was implemented with minimal re-training as the existing applications were not removed.
  • Significant improvement in time taken to implement application integration for CSRs.
  • Eliminated typing mistakes caused by re-entering data.
  • Maximized existing investments by utilizing legacy applications. Reduced costs by avoiding complex re-engineering
  • Scalable solution because Fusion does not require middleware server to perform integration